Tech Educator and Founder of FutureTools Matt Wolfe Offers a Convai Walk-Through

Convai Team
August 20, 2023
“I truly believe that NPCs that are infused with personalities that are generated by AI like what Convai creates are the future of gaming…AI just allows us to create this unique scenario where every single conversation inside of a game is completely different. No two players will ever experience a single game in the same way. 

“Actions taken in a game and conversations had with NPCs will have much more real effects on in-game relationships and have an impact on the way that the stories play out. This technology is a literal game changer, and I’m excited to see how humans embrace it to make more and more immersive, diverse, and unique gameplay experiences,” Matt Wolfe July 2023

Wow! Matt Wolfe lists over 2,000 AI-based tools on his website and has 400,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. We are honored that he took the time to review Convai and was favorably impressed. 

‍This topic came up because Matt posted a link to the NVIDIA demo from Computex that featured a Convai-powered NPC. His Tweet racked up over five million views, 10,400 likes, and 3,600 shares.

Real Conversations with Humanlike NPCs

Matt’s interest in more humanlike conversational NPCs and the popularity of his Tweet with the video clip from Computex confirms strong interest in these capabilities. He asked our CEO to join him for an interview to discuss the product on his YouTube channel. 

The video shows a great short conversation between our CEO and Matt and a long bit of Matt using Convai. It provides an interesting first-hand user perspective about the product. Let us know what you think about the interview and his walk-through demo.