Project Neural Nexus

Step into the world of Neo City, a cyberpunk theme city where danger lurks at every corner. You wake up at a hotel and are being chased by the police and killer robots. Your objective is to make out of the hotel filled with assassins - alive. But you are not alone. You have help from your AI companion, who can equip you with weapons, teach you how to shoot, guide you at every step and is helping you get out of the hotel. Your decisions change the storyline but be careful, one wrong step and it's game over. The game is powered by Convai's smart NPCs where you can have open-ended conversations, make decisions, perform actions, interact with various environmental objects, and are guided by an AI companion. Welcome to Neo City. Your survival story begins now.

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Convai Feature Highlighted

  • Narrative Design
  • State of Mind (Emotions)
  • Personality & Style
  • Backstories
  • Guardrails
  • Long Term memory
  • Multilingual Support
  • Knowledge Base