Sage Immersion

SAGE Immersion offers a groundbreaking solution for brands to create immersive 3D websites, complete with Convai conversational AI, in just minutes. This platform is designed for simplicity, featuring drag-and-drop customization and intuitive AI training to revolutionize audience interaction. With Smart AI Guided Experiences (SAGE), businesses can effortlessly design dynamic 3D environments that not only showcase their products or services but also enrich visitor engagement with AI-powered assistants. These assistants provide personalized interactions, making every visit memorable. SAGE Immersion transcends traditional website creation, inviting brands to craft captivating online journeys that resonate deeply with their audience.

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Convai Feature Highlighted

  • Convai LIVE integration for customers fine-tuning their AI to the items available in their showcase.
  • Convai JavaScript SDK integrated for text/microphone interactions & ReadyPlayerMe use.
  • Facial animations w/ lipsync provided through the Convai JavaScript SDK.