War of the Worlds [Tech Demo]

An RPG of the Mind - Our new Generative AI-driven world is a vertical-slice of a faux War of the Worlds game adapted from H.G. Wells' novel, and is available to play free by visiting Convai during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2024.   Boasting a number of new Generative AI (GenAI) non-player-character (NPC) features, this War of the Worlds tech demo showcases an role-playing game built on the 7 most important neurotransmitters associated with Flight, Fight, or Freeze, instead of the typical stats like, Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution.   Each NPC is completely unique with their own agency and actions. NPCs not only have randomized neurotransmitter stats, but in-depth handwritten backstories with both aspirations and trauma that will effect their actions. The key to success is understanding, exploring, and convincing the NPC to save themselves - all while the city crumbles around them and unknown menace emerges.  Tech at a Glance: - Over 200 active non-player characters in the immediate area by leveraging Atoms Realtime crowds, this game easily runs 5x more crowd density than standard Unreal AI Actor, since the Convai component interfaces directly with each Atoms generated crowd NPC.  - One of the first end-to-end use cases of Generative AI leveraged as a quest mechanic in a next-gen game.   - Built using Unreal Engine 5.2, Epic Games’ MetaHumans, Atoms Realtime Crowds, Epic Games’ City Sample and Mass Framework.  - Version control and all build automation handled by WVS.io for our globally distributed team

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Convai Feature Highlighted

  • Narrative Design
  • Long term memory
  • NPC actions
  • Procedural NPC creation
  • NPC to NPC conversation
  • Lipsync